Transform Your Home with Clipsal Wiser Smart Home Solutions

April 2, 2024


As smart home technology continues to revolutionize the way we live, the Clipsal Wiser Smart Home Solutions offer a seamless and scalable solution to transform any living space into a modern, connected home. From simple installations to advanced features that enhance security, energy efficiency, and convenience, there’s a Wiser solution to fit every budget and need.


Scale Up Over Time:

One of the key features of the Clipsal Wiser system is its scalability. Whether starting with an in-room solution using Iconic connected switches or expanding to a whole-home system with Zigbee 3.0 technology and the Wiser Home Hub, the system grows with your needs and preferences. With easy installation and technology that’s simple to update, the Wiser solution adapts to your evolving requirements.


Simple Installation and Control:

With a Clipsal Wiser Smart Home solution, your smartphone becomes the control center for customizing and managing your home. Operate blinds, change lighting settings remotely, or control devices using the Wiser by SE app or voice assistant. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for homeowners to take charge of their smart home, enhancing convenience and comfort.


Enhanced Safety and Security:

Wiser solutions offer peace of mind by creating a ‘lived-in’ appearance even when homeowners are away. Integrated sensors monitor security parameters like door/window openings, motion, and water leaks, while programmable lighting adds an extra layer of security. With Wiser, safety and security are paramount, ensuring a protected and secure living environment.


Energy Efficiency:

Reduce energy costs and environmental impact with scheduled or automated energy-saving measures through the Wiser system. Switch off unused devices, automate lights and air conditioning, and adjust window coverings based on daylight or weather conditions. Wiser helps homeowners save energy without compromising on comfort or convenience.


Stylish Design with Smart Functionality:

Lead the way in smart home design with Clipsal Wiser’s innovative solutions that combine stylish aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Leveraging Schneider Electric’s global R&D and local expertise, Clipsal Wiser offers Australian-designed products that are powerful yet straightforward to install. Stand out from the crowd with award-winning Iconic switchgear that enhances the overall appeal of your smart home offerings.



Experience the future of smart living with Clipsal Wiser Smart Home Solutions. From scalable technology that evolves with your needs to enhanced safety, energy efficiency, and stylish design, Wiser transforms any home into a modern, connected oasis. Explore the possibilities and elevate

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